How It Works – Trusted Car Scratch and Chip Repair in Brisbane

Step 1: Introductory Consultation

We can give you an estimate via email, over the phone, or in person. During this consultation, we will evaluate the damage to your car, and give you a rough idea of how much it will cost and how long it will take to fix it. We will also talk about your availability and timetable to choose the most suitable time for us to visit your location and carry out the repair. 

Our only other requirements are , being able to get our Ute near your car and having access to power.

Step Two: Preparation

After a time and day for the repair have been decided upon, we will get ready for the task by arriving at your location with all the required tools and equipment.

Step Three: Repairs

The repair process will then get started. For paint repairs, we thoroughly clean and prepare the affected area, sand it to create a smooth surface, fill any lows if required,we then mask off areas, prime area, and then paint it to match the color of the rest of your car. For dent repairs, we’ll use specialist equipment and methods to remove the dent best we can, sand , fill low areas if necessary, mask area, prime and then paint. 

We obtain paint code from vehicle on the day and mix colour to manufacturer specification’s there on site. 

Step Four: Quality Control

After the repair is finished, we’ll conduct a careful quality assurance inspection to ensure it lives up to our high standards and is of the highest caliber. After completing the job, touch-up paint is offered to customers.

Step Five: Payment and Follow-up

Following the repair’s completion, we will review your available payment choices. We`ll also be available anytime with any questions or concerns. Payment to be made on the day after job completion. 

Our mobile paint and dent repair service is a practical and affordable option for automobile owners looking to maintain the condition of their vehicles. From the first meeting to the last quality check, we are committed to giving you the best service possible. To schedule a repair

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